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Client Showcase

  • American Express - Wrote copy and direct mail for American Express online and print gift Ideas for Work.

  • Appian - Wrote sales enablement content and interactive tools to help educate inside/outside/partner channels present no-code application development platform.

  • AT&T - Wrote AT&T's Source Book, small business catalog, known as the bible for the phone industry.

  • Cannabis Magazine - Developed content, articles and email drip campaigns  for leading cannabis lifestyle magazine.

  • Doolli - Developed strategy, landing page, content and media plan to promote ed-tech app.

  • Id Software - Wrote user manual and print ad campaign for the top-selling PC game of all time, Doom II Hell On Earth.

  • Kasparov Chess Foundation - Created logo branding, web site, and social media strategy for the largest chess educational non-profit, overseen by Gary Kasparov. Organized match between Kasparov Vs. Sting and garnered worldwide attention.

  • MicroStrategy - Developed series of infographics, blogs and YouTube videos highlighting data based on pop-culture.


  • People Magazine  - Produced media kit for People Magazine's 20 year anniversary CD-ROM offering.


  • Platform 9 - Wrote blog posts, webinars, and how-to videos for Kubernetes Cloud infrastructure platform.

  • RKF Brokerage - Created web site and print brochure for largest New York City real estate retail broker.

  • Screen - Developed paid, earned and owned media strategy for screen management home automation app, helping parents manage their kids' screen time.

  • Tru-TV - Oversaw social media Fan-growth strategy for reality TV network.

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